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Name: Chadin
Gender: Male
Occupation: Student


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Chadin is a student who is currently studying Computing at National University of Singapore - a geek, a singer and a councillor. Although a Thai by birth, intelligence has recently pinpointed him using GPS on a red dot that cannot be found even with a magnifying glass.

He is, according to a friend of his, the ultimate CCS fanboy. A complete Clow Card book with all 52 Clow Cards still remains on his Wish List although he has officially denied it at all press conference.

As much as free time is a bit of luxury now that university is underway, when there is free time he loves messing around with Photoshop until the program hangs, freezes up his HP notebook computer with some imba 3ds max render, does random projects on Macromedia Flash, code random things on PHP, plays around with Dev C++, do some of these things at the same time and pretty much performs magic with his poor overworked HP notebook computer, which is currently turning three.

Chadin also loves singing and misses the days back in Thailand when he used to solo. He still breaks into songs at times.

He also enjoys reading, and misses the secondary school days when he used to read much more often. Must be the lack of PC. Science fiction is his favourite genre, but he enjoys pretty much any novel except horror. He might be slightly faint-hearted, mind you.

The quote that sums him up comes from another friend: “I bet everyone says you’re a damn good person. But, a at the rate you’re going, you’ll never find a GF.” He declines to comment on the issue.

Currently, other than studying, Chadin is also a freelance web designer and programmer. His server-side language of choice is PHP.

Most importantly, Chadin seeks to reign in life through Christ. On 15 July 2007, a friend of him sincerely introduced Jesus to him on a personal level. God reached out to him by speaking through her, and on 29 July 2007, he became the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. The rest was history. Even though he is still spiritually in his infancy, (think a-few-months-old child!) God has blessed him abundantly as He lovingly revealed to him that He is so real in his life. He has also been humbled immensely as God used him to strengthen his brothers and sisters in Christ, and as he does so, allows him to be a joyful witness to God’s outpour of love, which is unique to Him. He loves Jesus with all his heart, and lives a life in complete loving trust to honour and glorify Him and to be a vessel to be used of Him and by Him for His greater purposes.


1995-2003 Saint Dominic School, Bangkok, Thailand
(1/3, 2/4, 3/3, 4/2… Too many to count)
Saint Dominic Choir
Saint Dominic Ensemble
Computer Club
Music Club

2004-2005 Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Singapore
4.7 Job
Lee Kong Chian Hall

2006-2007 National Junior College, Singapore
Information Technology Club
39th Student Council

2008-now National University of Singapore, Singapore (duh!)
School of Computing

2009-until Jesus comes New Creation Church

::Service record::

(From 2004 onwards)

Digital Director, NJC 39th Student Council
NJCyberGames Head, NJC IT Club (2006-2007)

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  1. Hi Chadin,

    Sun is doing a Student Reviews Contest on NetBeans 6.1 and OpenSolaris 2008.5. Check out the details at:

    I encourage you to submit your NetBeans 6.1 post:

    in the contest to be considered for prizes. You can also submit as many entries as you want.

    Deadline is June 6.

    LMK if you have any questions.


  2. Hi there,

    Just want to check whether you have the title of the song ” Because of Your blood, Your finished work…there is therefore now no condemnation ”


  3. In reply to MY, that song is called “Because of Your Blood” XD Hey blog host, you’re a cool Thai scholar right.. HAha

  4. Hey Chenhui!

    Of course. Cool, because I am in the real cool One, Jesus. Haha.

  5. hello! i was form njc too! but two years your junior and also from ncc!

  6. Hey Charis! Haha cool! It’s awesome to see another NJCian in church! =)

  7. Yay Jesus!

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