High Priest’s Garments - The Anointing and Significance of Blue

Continuing with the series on High Priest, here is an excerpt from my sermon notes. (Skipping last week’s sermon on linen.) I did my best to summarize it, but this sermon is really oozing with revelations. Be blessed!

First off, the robe of the ephod (Exo 28:31-35). Note that the opening for the head was reinforced so that it cannot be torn. The High Priest cannot tear clothes by the law. (Lev 21:10) However, Caiaphas, the High Priest at the time of Jesus’ crucifixion, tore his clothes. (Mat 26:65, Mar 14:63) He broke the law. Without knowing it, what he did signified the change of order of priesthood.

Jesus is our High Priest, after the order of Melchizedek. The only difference between Jesus and the Israel High Priests is the order of priesthood. In Aaronic priesthood, the priests blessed only on the condition of obedience, and cursed if there was disobedience, in accordance with the law. (Lev 26:3-29) In Melchizedek priesthood, however, as seen in the book of Genesis, Melchizedek always blessed. He blessed Abraham (then Abram) and the Father, and gave Abraham bread and wine. In fact, the first word that came out of his mouth was “blessed”. (Gen 14:19) So Jesus, our High Priest in the order or Melchizedek, always speaks and does blessings.

Remember that the law demands righteousness, while grace gives righteousness. Under grace, even when you fail, you still receive blessings, and this will make you want to do right.

Next, we look at the anointing of the priesthood in Exodus 29:4-10. In verse 7, there was the anointing of Aaron as High Priest. Then, from verse 10, animals were brought and slaughtered; it was not until verse 21, after the animals were slaughtered, that Aaron’s sons were anointed.

As Aaron was the High Priest and his sons were priests, today, as we are a royal priesthood with Jesus as our High Priest, Aaron’s sons was a type of us. This is a beautiful picture of what happened. Jesus Christ was anointed before He died. We were anointed after His death, which was signified by the animals’ sacrifice.

One more thing about the High Priest’s anointing is the divine order found in this ordination. When the High Priest is anointed, oil flows from the High Priest’s head down his beard before it reaches his body. This is depicted in a psalm, Psalm 133:1-3.

The order his head, beard, body (all the way to the edge). So this is God’s order: blessing goes from the head, which is the pastors, then to the elders, signified by the beard, then to the body, that is the entire church. Due to this order, when you pray for your pastors, you are, in fact, praying for yourself, because as the leader goes, so goes the church. Do not be jealous when the pastors get blessed; know that you are next in line! Hallelujah!

Back to Exodus 28:31, the robe of the ephod is blue in colour.

Now blue, as we learned, is the heavenly colour. It speaks of divinity. However, there is another, deeper meaning to blue. We look at the Hebrew word for blue: “tekheleth”. This word comes from another word in Hebrew: “kahlah”. Kahlah means perfection, completeness. At the Cross, perfection is displayed, as God’s holiness kissed God’s mercy, and God’s demand met God’s provision.

There is one ordination that God made in Numbers 15:37-39. God commanded the Israelites to make the tassels, and you still see it in today’s Israel. In face, the Pharisees’ tassels were longer than usual, to show of their “spiritual” status.

The tassels on the corners of garments had a blue thread to it. Why is this significant?

In Luke 8:43-44, a woman with the issue of blood came to Jesus. She was poor (spent all her money on physicians) and sick, so she was doubly sorrowful. She touched the border, that is, the corner, of Jesus’ garment, and she was healed. Now, on the corners of Jesus’ garment were the tassels with a blue thread. The woman touched completion of a perfect work. Blue speaks of the finished work of Jesus, of completeness. Now, please don’t go out from church and buy blue clothes or wear the tassels; these things were outward for our study that you may know that because of Jesus’ finished work: you are complete in Him. Hallelujah!

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