Of statistics, genes and constants.

Well, it’s time to break the silence. =)
University has been hectic, up to the beginning of November. Thank God that the projects, both CS2103 and CS2105 went well.
For CS2103, I broke the record of my latest day in school: I stayed in school until 10.30pm. (Afterwards, I left for home to continue my work [...]

Yr 1 Sem 2 Results

Quick post on the results.
Not as good as the last semester.
NM2101 pulled me down big, but no surprise as this is my weakest module. I’m glad to be over and done with it, even without a miraculous result.
My MA1505 ended well, considering I messed up my mid-term, but it goes to show that mid-term [...]

If you are exposed to a media long enough, it is bound to affect you.

NM2101のしけん、おわりました。 I had problem with question 3, but I managed to write for all the questions…
I thought I had fun. =) It’s the only heavy writing module this semester.
Committing the results to God’s hand. With God, I can. =)
1 down, 4 to go.

The answer is negative reinforcement.

MNO1001 is down, and I’m clear of all exams for this semester. =)
The paper was fine. I didn’t know what I was writing duh, but God knows. Praise God He gave me excellent time management. I initially thought I’d have to skip the last two questions, but I sensed that I had to keep on [...]

Find the number of possible sequences when a perfect die is rolled n times.

OMG CS1231X was TOUGH. Many questions are so abstract my head was sent spinning, add that to a proof that I cannot pinpoint the mistake and other things that I cannot remember, when Mr. Tan asked for my assessment after the paper, I confidently said it was tough. (lol) Even Mr. Tan admitted that the [...]