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About Me

I'm a student studying in National Univesity of Singapore. My course of study is Computing (also known as Computer Science) with major in Communications and New Media. I took Computing for 'A' Level and was part of the college's IT Club, with experience in graphic design, especially web design. When I am free, I self-study PHP and MySQL.

Besides studying, I currently freelance as a web designer and web programmer, though I can assist with related work such as publicity design (such as posters and logo) and any other IT-related tasks, too.

If you are interested to commission me, do drop me an e-mail at gmail and we'll get in touch.

Current Status

It's exam time!


[ 24-Apr-2009 ] Version 2 of the web-site is up. This ended up much simpler than I expected, because I had problem getting the ideas in my head into reality (apart from the coding part. The portfolio looks good for something done during reading week lol.)

Note still: My blog is still online. You may access it through the link here. Please update your bookmark.